Holiday In The Sun Showed Me There's No Substitute For Sunshine

  in  Australia/New Zealand
It was my first winter break, and how I wished I'd done this decades ago. I spent three weeks in Australia during January visiting my relatives. I suffer from Seasonally Adjusted Syndrome (SAD) throughout the winter - a lack of sunshine is the main factor involved. I've taken vitamin D supplements to help with that deficiency, used a lightbox daily, yet there just is no substitute for sunshine. Australians on the other hand, are wary of the sun as they have access to good sunshine all year round. Yet too much, as we all know, can damage your skin and even cause cancer. I was also introduced to aloe vera gel over there which helped keep my skin fresh in the evenings after taking in the sun the previous afternoon.

The thing to be very careful of in Australia is that you can get a serious sunburn on a cloudy day. If found that out myself - rather ironically - on the Sunshine Coast. Anytime you're outdoors from morning to late afternoon, think about wearing a hat, and have suncream with you at all times. Personally, I got in the routine of doing my outdoor activities in the late afternoon onwards.

Having said that, I really love the climate in Australia. It's good to get some direct sunlight onto your skin each day - even if it's for a 15 or 20 minutes. Vitamin D helps release other vitamins in your body, so look at a short burst of sun exposure as a real health boost.

Article kindly provided by ExpenSys